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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still in P2 --- WAHHH!!! WAHHH!!!

And for full disclosure, that was me, not the baby :)

Speaking of poop .... :) Yeah, I have been checking the market the last 2 days for a few minutes at a time in between feedings (my wife's job), diaper changes (my job), and staring at such a beautiful new baby (happily both our jobs). She just layed down for a nap, so I have a quick update on my count.

I have not checked any other blogs recently, so this may be an obvious count that everybody has right now.

But the NDX made a higher high an hour ago and so we are still in Primary 2. I think we will be getting higher highs on the rest of the indices in the next few days, if not today.

*** There should be charts here but blogger is not letting me upload anything
I will upload charts later when it starts working again

Chart 1 - NDX making a new high 30 minutes ago
Chart 2 - Micro count of SPX, Move down from 1030 is a double-zigzag for Minute 2
Chart 3 - Trendline / S/R Chart for SPX showing the counts for Minute 1 and 2 of Minor C


P.S. Thank you to all the well-wishes on my new addition!! It was greatly appreciated and warmed my heart :) Thank you :).

update 12:30

--- Fine, if Blogger still won't let me upload anything, I will post my charts on Flickr. Here they are.



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