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Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Smattering of Charts

Here are a few charts on a few different asset classes


So the last few posts I have been showing my leading alternate count: Alternate Count Possibility and Another Thought. And today I had a tongue-in-cheek chart about one last bearish count option (One Last Bearish Count for the Road) and I am still calling this alternate count as an "alternate"

..... Well, I need to be honest with myself. The bearish count is kaput. I basically said so in my last post, but it bears (no pun intended) saying with a bit more conviction. Painful as it is to say it, it looks like the bulls get one more rally

Here is my new preferred count.

The US Dollar

The Dollar made a new low today, so some counts need to be revised. Dayton and I have been having a very useful discussion on the count for the Dollar. Here is my count and I will amend the post with Dayton's updated count.


Just for kicks, here is my current count for GLD, which I am using as an intraday proxy for Gold.

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