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Monday, October 26, 2009

PSW: Phil's take on the Wonderland Market

Here are two new posts by Phil from Phil's Stock World

Wonderland Market

Market direction - Interesting that this is what’s on your minds as it’s what’s on my mind too. What is real and what is not? Keep in mind that when the market was down 50% in March, that was not real either. You can go back and read all my posts back then, but the gist of my argument was, short of annihilating a good portion of the global population, the global GDP is very unlikely to fall below $40Tn (down 20%) so anything beyond that is, by definition, an overreaction.

Wonderland Market II: Whodunit?

We have to put on our deerstalker caps and do a little deducing and see who has motive, means and opportunity to commit the crime of market manipulation. I think, in the end, this is going to read more like a Christie novel than a Doyle one as Holmes usually had one guilty suspect while I think our current situation is more like "Murder on the Orient Express," where they all did it!
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