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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alternate Count Possibility

Here is a large possible alternate count.

THIS IS AN *ALTERNATE* COUNT. This is not my preferred count. The bearish count has *NOT* been invalidated. Just sharing an idea at this point

There is a lot about this count that I really do not like (especially the first zigzag off the bottom). The C leg is not really an impulse. It is really ugly. But, hey, this whole rally has been ugly, so what can you do.

But there are some compelling aspects to this count, which is how the X wave bridges the upper and lower trendlines both times. They are really are acting like X's, much more important and pronounced. In the preferred count for the triple zigzag, the first X is much smaller and less important (however the zigzags on either side count much more cleanly).

So just throwing this out there.

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