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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Positions and Projections

---> Positions/Portfolios


Public Portfolios for binve and Market Thoughts and Analysis

First and foremost:

These portfolios are *NOT* meant as trading advice in any way, shape or form. They are meant as an illustration of some of the trading tactics that I employ when I use and trade off my own charts. They are representative of my trading style and do not indicate any particular real life portfolio. Moreover, as illustrative tools which are *NOT* trading advice, I will not offer any tailored trading advice associated with these portfolios or in any other form. The links provided below communicate the implementation of trading strategies and should be used only for learning / illustrative / entertainment purposes only

That out of the way, here are a few public portfolios that may be of interest to blog readers

1) MTaA public portfolio

This is a simple spreadsheet that I use to track trades (mostly medium term swing trades). This one most closely represents how I actually trade, and how I use / implement my charts. It is kept *very* simple for bookkeeping purposes (no commissions or margin) and is representative only. It is a public spreadsheet available for viewing

---- MTaA public portfolio

2) Wall Street Survivor (WSS) Portfolio

Swing trading portfolio using the WSS platform. Click on the "Permanent" portfolio tab (not the 100K or Options tabs), this is the portfolio that I use.

---- MTaA WSS porfolio - binve^jwt

3) UpDown (UD) Portfolio

Swing trading portfolio using the UpDown platform. I like the Updown interface more than WSS, but it tends to crash / hang-up *a lot*.

---- MTaA Updown porfolio - binve

4) Motley Fool Caps Portfolio

I had originally intended this portfolio to be a swing / position trading portfolio. And if you look back that my trade history I did that successfully through going long on Energy and GSMs in Dec 2008 / Jan 2009. But after the market rally in March 2009 I was caught in the cross-fire of several short term trades. Caps has 2 rules that are not conducive to short term swing trading and cutting losses short

1) Once you open a pick, you are not allowed to close it for 7 days
2) Caps places a premium on accuracy (if you close a losing pick, it will always count against your accuracy, which is a large portion of your score. Which means you are incentivized to keep losers open in order to eventually recoup and close green)

Neither one is representative of how I swing trade (I do not let losers run against me, and if I have to cut a position to cut losses then I do. No worries. Capital is the most important thing). So unfortunately the Caps platform is not useful for my purposes nor is it representative of how I trade. But it is a portfolio that I still manage and so I will provide a link to it.

---- binve Caps portfolio

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