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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

If I Had to Guess

And of course, I am. I still think we are in Minor B (see last post Now That's What I Call VOLATILE! :)). Gumbo and Kevin and I were discussing whether this was a 4 of 5 of A or b of B. I maintain and still think this is a b of B.

Even though breadth was 10:1 yesterday, it did not have the commensurate volume. I remarked that the volume yesterday was unimpressive. That doesn't mean that it was necessarily low, it meant that I would have thought very differently about that wave if it was 10:1 breath on exceptionally high volume. But it wasn't, so I still maintain that is was just a volatile Wave B spectacle. Just like the last Wave B we had (see the link above for more on those observations).

Current count. Still building off of the same preferred count that I have been showing consistently for the last few weeks.

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