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Thursday, November 19, 2009

B is for ... Bacon?

Mmmmm..... bacon.

Still building off the same count from the last several posts (Is Minor A Done?, Count-o-rama, Short Term Projection, Pattern Chart, and EOD Overlay Chart). I think we are in a Minor B wave. B waves will be very volatile. Here is a quote from my post Count-o-rama:

This note has been on my 5 minute chart for several days: "Next wave is a B by my count. Expect a lot of confusing up and down action, that generally trends down" ... yep, I think that describes the situation pretty accurately.

Yesterday we has some classic B wave action, very strong on the Dow, almost made a new high (maybe it did) yet that same wave looked completely weak on a number of indices. Then this morning the Russell and XLF were moving in completely opposite directions for about 12 minutes.

These weird moves and non-confirmations are classic in B wave territory.

So that is my thought and my bet.

So this continues to be my thought and my bet

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