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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thar She Blows / Close Enough For Government Work

I think that is C of 2 (or close enough). Adding to shorts. Charts in a few minutes

----------- 10:40 ------------

First chart is the count of the ES. I think the C shows up more cleanly here. Joske counts the B as an expanding triangle. Either way the B ends where it is identified and the next move up counts like a fairly clean impulse

Here is the equally plausible alternate count based on joske's expanding triangle like I was mentioning above. Actually, despite my disdain for expanding triangles, I like this count better :)

----------- 10:45 ------------

Minute 2 just shy of a 50% retrace.

----------- 10:50 ------------

Huge breadth spike up in the morning but the second peak is unconfirmed

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