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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hathor Exploration

I am not being a tout here. This is not a "Buy NOW!" post. But I want to call your attention to Hathor Exploration (HAT.V / HTHXF). I did a write up on Hathor back in November: A Look at Two Junior Canadian Miners - http://caps.fool.com/Blogs/ViewPost.aspx?bpid=294226 and http://marketthoughtsandanalysis.blogspot.com/2009/11/look-at-two-junior-canadian-miners.html.

I stated my fundamental case for being bullish, as well as the technical case. My technical observation was that the pattern was consolidating in a very large bullish continuation triangle. Since November, the last wave of the triangle has itself become a triangle. You think of triangles like a spring being compressed. It is a balanced fight between bulls and bears right to the apex.

And I believe the next move out of the triangle will be a thrust up.

This is NOT ADVICE!. Just letting you know in case you want to keep this on your radar.

Disclosure: I am long Hathor

Addition 11:00 - I posted this earlier today because I saw that it was starting to break out. But then I forgot all about it in during the bearish excitement. As I was updating charts tonight, I find a very nice surprise on the Hathor chart :)

Looks like we are getting the breakout!

Addition Feb 25

And just to keep track of the record

First Hathor post (11/15/09) - HAT.V (1.90) and HTHXF (1.82)
Second Hathor post (2/23/10) - HAT.V (1.97) and HTHXF (1.89)

Current price (2/15/10 - 12:30) - HAT.V (2.17) and HTHXF (2.10)
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