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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tin Foil Hat Count: Weird Wave 4 Overshoot

WARNING!! binv's Tin Foil Hat Zone !!

Here is a new installment of my crazy tin-foil hat count. I revised my count this morning because I really think the move today signaled that Minor B was done So Long. Farewell.

But I have been puzzling over the count for awhile and I do not like the Wave 4 that I show in the previous post. Because it is a 5. It *could* be interpreted as a zigzag, but it looks and acts like a 5. And the stab up this morning doesn't really count like a complete 5. But if you count from the consolidation yesterday, it looks like a much smaller C wave (which is a smaller degree 5) coming out of the triangle. So I think there is a really odd Wave 4 at work.

So here is my crazy count:

.... at least that all makes sense if you are crazy like me :)

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