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Friday, December 4, 2009

Gold Charts, US Dollar Charts

No long diatribes in this post. For my long term take on Gold (fundamentally and technically), see this post: The Gold Blog. Gold/Silver/GSMs (and a little Oil for good measure), for my long term take on the Dollar (fundamentally and technically), see Thoughts on the US Dollar, Analysis of the USDX Long Term, Follow up on the Gold Blog.

I have read so many posts and comments that gold is either

a) A stupid useless shiny metal, a relic, a dead currency, a good / commodity
b) in a bubble and it is about to burst.

Awesome. I love it. If you want to read my really nice and polite versions of why I think you should invest in gold and avoid the dollar, see my two links above. But right now my annoyance and impatience is showing. So I am simply going to be terse for awhile.

As an investor, this mis-information and misunderstanding of gold makes me very happy.

So bring on more comments of variant a or b above!

Meanwhile, I am quite content in my long term gold positions.

Gold Monthly Chart

My Gold Elliot Wave Counts starting from the most recent and going back to 1920 - the are obviously very bullish

Dow-Gold Ratio (DGR)

Other Gold Ratios



HUI Count

Gold/Dollar Correlation

US Dollar EW Counts

30 year Treasury Bond and 10 year Treasury Note

Equity Dollar Correlation Long Term

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