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Thursday, December 10, 2009


When you have a big mess, reach for Bounty of course!

Read my last post to understand where I came from in this post Messy (Updated: 11:10)

Here is the same count on SPX, RUT, NDX, COMPQ, and INDU. It is not pretty on all, but it works on all. And hey, it is a messy volatile B Wave! What do you expect!

The thing to be very aware of is how unperfectly correlated they are before yesterday afternoon, and how well they are correlated since.

Seems like a Minor B to Minor C transition to me.

Updated 12:10 - Added TRAN to the INDU chart

Added a zoomed out chart so that the past Minor B can be seen relative to the other Minor waves. It is currently a little bit longer in duration, but provided less net retracement. It looks and feels like a flat and is providing a platform for one more push up

Update - 6:00. Adding RUT Count for Gumbo

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