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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Top? (10 reasons for 'Yes')

I am leaning very heavily toward yes.

1) 1158 is the target I have been holding for awhile, and that was met within 1 point
2) Happened on Sept 30, important Gann time relationship that Sugarman was mentioning
3) Exhaustion gap up followed by a move down on volume
4) Nice set of topping candles the last 4 days (remember topping is a process not an event)
5) Tons of negative divergence on the 60 minute chart
6) Sentiment reversal underway per my indicator (clear upturn on EMA 20 of the CPCE)
7) Huge negative divergence on NYMO
8) Trend change signal on the SPX/VIX (thanks toddy!)
9) 5 crystal clear waves down from the exhaustion gap
10) Close below the broken trendline on the Nasdaq Composite (which I have been saying is the signal for this rally to be done)

I would say that Friday and next week is shaping up to be a very down week IMO
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