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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breakdown? (Revisited)

I have been screwing around with the New blogger editor for 15 minutes. IT SUCKS!!!! Don't try it out if you have the option not to. I am still figuring out how to change back

My last post showed a Minuette 4 pullback. And it is what I am going to stick with. In this case, I will still be more than happy to be wrong **

But I think this breakdown will turn out to be a C wave of Minuette 4

** I have been short for awhile because I am focused on the bigger picture. If we break down here, I am happy and not doing anything different. If we go up to 1158 I will still not do anything different (i.e. I will not hedge long). I am of the opinion that we are near the top of this wave. So consider this an unbiased opinion (by that I mean I am not "wishing" for an end to this wave now, nor am I trying to be bullish as "wishing" the wave to go up. I am analyzing the wave purely from a waveform perspective. I have already made my bets)
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