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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Risky Business

Not a long post here, just showing you an update on my risk chart. For an explanation,
-- see: You say goodbye and I say hello, Another look at an old friend: Risk
    (or on Caps: http://caps.fool.com/Blogs/you-say-goodbye-and-i-say/411027)
-- and: A look at an old friend: Risk
    (or on Caps: http://caps.fool.com/Blogs/a-look-at-an-old-friend-risk/392209)

The reason why I am bringing this up now is that (surprise, surprise) I think we have a turning point here. But what is compelling about this turning point is that the last several weeks the Russell has been seriously lagging the Dow. This is what the 2 links above describe and what the chart below measures. For some charts looking at the behavior of each index, check out this post: Avast!

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