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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedgie the Whale (Free Willy) Count on the ES

Sorry, you know me. When I have a dumb joke stuck in my head, I use it up until it is no longer funny [except most of my jokes are not funny to begin with ... :( ].

See my last count for the SPX (Free Willy! (Updated)) to see where this post comes from.

And for posterity's sake, here are a few choice "Wedgie the Whale" posts: Hey, lady, look out. There's a fat whale on your boat! Yeah, Free willy! (good old Tommy Boy quote :) ), Wedgie the Whale Taking a Pause? (me being gross), and Wedgie the Whale? (Wedgie's first sighting)

Here is what the ending pattern (and that is what I believe we are in ... finally) looks like on the ES, as of o'dark:30

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