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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Thank You to Blankfiend

I would like to say a large Thank You to Blankfiend, for all the work you have done over the past couple of years.

You have a unique view of the markets. And like me, you have very much challenged the EW orthodoxy (most of the counts around the blogosphere). It can be very discouraging to get little to no reception when you discuss the market from a non-mainstream view. I have felt the same way many times when some of my 'big idea' posts get very little reception. So I can understand where you are coming from.

And I fully admit that I am guilty of the same thing that I discuss above. I spend my time in analysis and research and I put together my posts and I tend not to comment on other people's sites very much anymore. So I apologize for not giving you as much feedback as you deserved.

But I wish you nothing but luck and good trades. And I am appreciative of the work you have given to us.

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