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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oct 4

Okay, it's time for Crazy Uncle binve's Unpopular Opinion and EW Count Time!

Unpopular opinions:

- Today marked an important low
- Earnings expectations have been hammered the last two months and it won't take much in the 3rd Quarter earnings season (right around the corner) to spark a decent rally
- Bearishness across the board is way overdone, and everyone 'knew' the crash was coming. Watched pot and all that jazz

Unpopular counts:

I still think this is just a big fat corrective mess, not some half-baked impulse down (and the fact that non-EW types are now putting up charts with 12345 down all over the place should be a warning sign).

Here is my relative wave count chart:

Here is what I think it looks like in my larger counting scheme:

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