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Friday, January 15, 2010

Toilet Bowl Battles

Well, this market has been like the turd that won't flush. Just just keeps hanging around in the bowl. But after while it just starts to break down on its own ... uhhh am I getting to graphic? :) Just continuing my humor (such as it is) from yesterday: May Be Seeing Some Movement / Some More Scatological Humor

One last poop joke (at least today), I promise!

So lets be a little more serious from this point on. Today is OPEX and the crazy move up squeezing the bears until Thursday afternoon and then kicking the bulls in the crotch on Friday morning is not at all surprising. (Annoying, but not surprising). So while I am very encouraged, and the volume down is certainly nice, I remain slightly wary. This just could be some OPEX games and part of Minute Wave 4 (orange).

I offer the counts below as possibilities (none of my charts are ever more than that anyways). I personally established / added to short positions last week and this week. I am not buying (not adding to shorts) this breakdown yet. I would like to see some more confirmation (1125 would be nice). I have cash read for a confirmation of the breakdown or higher highs, whichever comes first. My $0.02.

Addition 3:17 - Count update and key levels

Addition 12:30 1/16 - For kennygla

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