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Friday, August 21, 2009

The Pathetic Minor B and Now in Wave C

I am still building on my preferred count from these posts:
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Because I still contend that the "leader" indices (NDX and COMPQ) made higher highs on Aug 12, and that is the end of Wave A. The 1018 on the SPX on Aug 8 is a Wave B of 4 overshoot.

Does it matter? No not really.

So based on the movement since, minor B is done. It was a pathetic pullback. Much like the "pullback" that occurred in March after the 20% rally off the bottom. The wave structure is a complete A-B-C. The bulls are giving back nothing. It sucks, and that's just the way it is :)

I think we are now in Wave C, just like Daneric has been saying the past few days.

Okay, lets get bullish sentiment up to 80%!!, Everybody jump on the bull bandwagon!!. Lets get Primary 2 done with!! Do Your Part to Help End the Current Bull Market. Become a Bull!

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