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Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Options

If you have followed my work for any length of time, you know that I hate showing multiple EW options. I always have alternate counts, but I show my preferred count. I don't like the ambiguity in showing multiple counts. On rare occasions I do, if I think there is something sneaky going on.

.... and I think there might be.

I still maintain that the count is corrective. The 1-2, 1-2 count down still remains absurd (IMO). But instead of being a W-X-Y like I showed yesterday, I think there could still be a more imminently bearish A-B-C in the works. When you consider that Thursday we finally established a lower low, but that leg down failed to equal the distance of the W leg, and based on the 'surprise' of the gap down, I think the market might want to be sneaky to the bearish side.

I offer my red count as an alternate.

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