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Thursday, March 3, 2011

No impulse for you!

First question? Are we still in a topping process? Like I have been saying the last few days, I remain unconvinced. I was saying Friday that we needed to make new lows by the middle of this week and the opposite happened. I am now much more skeptical of a pullback here.

Second question? Assuming (just for a moment) that last week did mark a top, is it still a possible impulse down? And my question back would be, what are you smoking? I really hope I don't (but I'm sure I will) see a bunch of really contrived 1-2 down counts where the 2 is basically the move from the 23rd to today. ... That is an absolutely absurd count. My advice: don't fall for it. Ignore it completely.

Like I have been maintaining for awhile now, if this is a top and we are in the midst of a more serious correction, it will be a corrective wave down, not an impulse. The mess since the 23rd could be a B wave (which have no proportionality or time requirements/guidelines, unlike 2's). But honestly, I really don't buy this count.

I had a 'prove it to me' attitude with respect to any kind of decent correction, and it is failing miserably to do so.

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