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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hathor Exploration

Wow, what a crazy ride from this chart. I have written on Hathor a couple of times over the past several months: Hathor Exploration and A Look at Two Junior Canadian Miners. This has been a hard chart to 'chart' because what I thought was a large triangle back in November, turned into a larger triangle in February and then an *even bigger* triangle in June.

But now I think it is done correcting. The triangle looks complete. It has an overshoot E but it does not go below C. And since then we have had a very decisive turn up. I have been holding this thing since November because I really like the company (mostly its potential) and the long term implications for the chart (again its potential).

Looks like it might start filling its potential now. Just a heads up.

Disclosure: I am long Hathor

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