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Sunday, November 13, 2011

BPSPX Update

Here is an update to my original BPSPX study: The BPSPX and the Secular Bear Count. Think of this as a companion piece to my previous post: Yet another reason why I don't think we saw 'the' top (3)

The main points are:
  • Bull markets do not end on strong technicals, they end on weak technicals. We always look for divergences in the weekly/monthly MACD (but should be using PPO instead), weekly/monthly RSI, the Advance/Decline Line, New Highs/New Lows, etc
  • Why would we expect the BPSPX (Bullish percentage of SPX stocks) to also end on a peak? The answer is: we shouldn't. And the May 2010 peak registered the highest BPSPX reading ever. This is yet *another* reason why I don't think the May peak was the 'top'
  • As pointed out in my previous post, it makes more sense to think of bull markets ending on 'tiredness' / 'going out with a whimper'. Where price makes a higher high but the internals do not. We should not only see divergence on the CPCE and VIX but I contend on the BPSPX as well

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