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Friday, January 14, 2011

Time to sell Intel? (and buy in a year or two)?

Not an iota of Fundamental Analysis on this one. But I was looking at Intel's chart and just seeing how much of a boring trading range it stayed in the last several years. But then I zoomed out to 12 years and saw some interesting relationships.

It has clear support levels at 15 and 12. And it has clear resistance around 22, but more importantly it is following a downsloping trendline established over the last several years.

So, sell INTC now? Wait a year or so until it gets to 15 and buy it again?

Not flashy. But that's sort of the appeal right? A nice reliable chip manufacturer, putting out excellent reliable chips, but not being all hyped up and flashy like other tech companies everyone seems to be ga-ga for these days (cough AAPL, cough GOOG), and putting out an excellent reliable cyclical stock movement.

I might try this one out.

Disclosure: No position in INTC
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