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Monday, January 18, 2010

PSW: The 5 Keys to Identifying a Fundamental Day Trade – Part I

By Ilene at Phil's Stock World

The 5 Keys to Identifying a Fundamental Day Trade – Part I

David Ristau, premier stock trader at Phil’s Stock World, presents daily stock trades for readers based on what he calls his “fundamental day-trade system.” He has an excellent track record, which is posted in the Oxen Group section and updated every few weeks.

In PSW’s Oxen Group section, David recommends a couple day-trades each morning, often a stock or ETF to buy and a stock or ETF to sell short. David selects his trading candidates based on his fundamental analysis and his analysis of the technical condition of the market. He attempts to choose stocks and ETFs that are likely to move 3-5% during the day, and also to open and close the positions at optimal times. He does this by first examining five key sources of information to help him find high probability trades. After selecting his trades, he applies several basic trading rules.

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