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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Are You Ready To RUSSELLLLLL !!!!!

On Dec 23, I showed some counts and some Fib math for the Russell (Heartbreaker)

Here is a recap of the math:

So assuming my short term count is correct, I spot a few interesting Fib Relationships:

Minute C = 1.62 * Minute A => 648
Minor Y = 1.62 * Minor W => 650
P2 = 0.62 * P1 => 660
Upper trend line (bottom chart) at the end of the year = 660

So I think Russell will be making a run up to 650-660 for the end of the year.

Right now el RUT is at 642, so this projection looks like it has a good shot at playing out. Currently I am targeting the lower end of the range (650) based on how this last wave is unfolding (using a 0.62 5th wave termination estimate I get 649).

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