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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov 10

Here is another look at an indicator that is saying that the 'potential' for an Intermediate Degree pullback has been confirmed. I often look at PPO movements (see this post for why PPO is a superior indicator to MACD) movements on a couple of different timeframes. I like 14,30,10 as a 'fast' PPO indicator (I think the default 12,26,9 is too fast) for finding bottoms and I like 34,89,21 as a 'slow' PPO indicator for finding tops. Looking for confirmed divergences often givens you insight as to what is happening. And the wave up since the 2011 has now formed such a divergence on the slow PPO on the Daily chart.

Combined with the recent 60-min, Daily and now Weekly sell signals from my Trend System, I think the market is at risk for an Intermediate Degree correction. The more I study the charts this weekend, the more realistic I think that possibility is becoming.

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